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Adalee Petite

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A cute teddy bear brown; made for toddlers but will also work for women with thinner hair.


  • Handmade and inspected by Ari In the USA
  • 95% Polyester 5% Spandex
  • Approximately 4'' in diameter
  • Can comfortably be double wrapped

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Care Instructions

Machine wash normal cold

Non-chlorine bleach

Tumble dry low

Do not iron

A Small Family Business

From an idea to a reality! First, I wanted more than just a bow or tiny rubber band for my toddler. Second, I was tired of constantly adjusting my hair with old scrunchies. Thus Ari Mae Scrunchies was started! So together, with my husband and I, and with the best quality available in town, we went at it with our true best and created something spectacular. We pray to forever make it your new highest standard that you didn't know you needed!